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The Center of Surgical SpecialistsThe Center of Surgical Specialists is a dedicated and committed team of Board Certified surgeon and staff. Our surgeon offer a full range of general, vascular, thoracic, bariatric (weight loss), oncological (cancer), and anterior exposure for spine surgery. Each surgeon has more than 25 years of experience and they work closely with referring physicians treating medical conditions that require surgical intervention to provide integrated health care. They believe strongly in being available to our patients supporting critical health care decisions and recovery.

Through a collaborative approach of shared knowledge, dedicated discovery, implementation of advanced techniques and technologies, and specialized training, we are pioneering new approaches to surgical care. Advancements such as laparoscopic technology, and skills developed by our surgeon offer you an improved alternative to open surgery. Minimally invasive surgery has less pain and scarring, fewer wound infections and pneumonias, and offers a quicker return to life's normal activities.

We are also proud to provide specialized surgical care in our Bariatric Surgery Program. Obesity is an increasing national health problem and can significantly contribute to the development of multiple health problems including a much shortened lifespan. Surgery for obesity plays a major role in long term, persistent weight loss and can help improve obesity-related medical problems. Together with lifelong exercise and diet changes, patients can achieve long term weight control and a have healthier lifestyle.

We are devoted to excellent patient care and to helping patients and their families through the healing process. Our goal is, quite simply, to improve our patients' lives through education and exceptional treatment.

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